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Open Debate: Activism in the Czech Republic


Od: 17:00 do: 20:00

Kde: Studio Alta, Sokolovská 24, Prague

Activism has many forms and shapes like signing a petition, participating in a demonstration or a debate, organizing artistic performances, handing out leaflets, organizing demonstrations etc. And the topics can go from human rights, animal protection, nature and climate protection to political activism…
In any case, we believe an important element to make activism of any kind powerful is to be able to respect each other and find ways of active cooperation.
That is why, in collaboration with the collective Buenas Artes (www.buenasartes.cz) and Etnomarket, we would like to invite you to an open debate on the topic of activism in the Czech Republic. We would like to share personal experiences with activism, talk about its challenges and successes, how can we get involved and improve our cooperation.
Among the participants of the debate are people who collaborate/ed with iniciatives such as Extinction Rebellion, International Feminists United, Rehearsal for reality, Asamblea Abierta, Marea Granate, AMIGA, D-Zona etc.
Come to the discussion, share your own experience and meet interesting people. We will have live music too! 🙂
Due to the current epidemiological situation, previous registration is required. All participants need to show either a negative test for COVID (administered in a lab, a sworn statement is not sufficient) or a proof of completed vaccination (with the exception of those who have had COVID in the last 180 days).
The event is open to everyone and will be held in English
More information: Mónica Márquez (marquez@inbaze.cz)
The activity is financed by the project “Support of the Integration of Foreigners in the City of Prague” (CZ.03.2.X / 0.0 / 0.0 / 18_095 / 0011305).