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Childbirth in the Czech Republic, procedure, possibilities, insurance, etc.


The meeting will be processed in English language.

Od: 18:00 do: 19:30

Kde:  InBáze, Krumlovská 527/4, 140 00 Prague 4

Lecturer: Mgr. Lektorka Elena Tulupova, PhD

Are you a foreigner living in Czech Republic? Do you know how to deal with childbirth procedures here?

InBáze and Praha 4 are pleased to invite you to a lecture Childbirth in the Czech Republic: procedure, possibilities, insurance etc (the information will be relevant for EU citizens and their families). The lecture will be held in English. 

Registration is required on: https://forms.gle/4zWYLmFaefRLkh9r5

For more information contact: kvetenadze@inbaze.cz