MEYS subsidies for programs for children

MEYS subsidies for programs for children

We are learning to be at home in the Czech Republic

Program: Support for activities in the field of integration of foreigners in the Czech Republic in 2016

The leisure activities of the project strengthening the personality of the child-foreigner are aimed at mediating the reflection of culture and cultural differences in forms adapted to the age and individual peculiarities of individuals. The involvement of Czech peers, during some events, helps the two-way process of integration, where foreigners and Czechs learn to get to know each other’s cultures through joint activities.

Activity 1: Tutoring of the Czech language and professional subjects in Czech

Activity 2: Summer camps and weekend stays focusing on improving communication in the Czech language

Activity 3: Celebrating multicultural holidays – workshops

Activity 4: Sightseeing trips around Prague and its surroundings

Activity 5: Crates of stories

Activity 6: Project coordination


Multicultural educational programs for children and pupils: Crates of stories

Program: Subsidy program of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports to support education in the languages of national minorities and multicultural education in 2016

Activity 1: Multicultural Educational Program for Children and Pupils: Storyboards I: Fairy Tales and Creative Workshops

Each of the programs will focus on one country from which a large group of migrants living in the Czech Republic comes. The workshop will include reading a fairy tale in Czech and in the original language of the country. The children will then artistically create the fairy tale using art techniques that are typical of the country. Children will learn a lot of information about the country in a non-violent and close way. The program will also include a symbolic tasting of traditional food. Each program will be led by 2 instructors, one from a given country.

Activity 2: Multicultural educational program for pupils: Boxes of stories II: Tutorials with telling personal stories of migrants

Based on the migrant’s personal story, the pupils imagine what it is like to live in another country. The programs can be included in the cross-sectional topic of multicultural education. The content will be adapted to the age of pupils in the 2nd grade. More than information about a given culture, it will focus on how a person who has left their country and moved to another country feels. The educational program will be based on the personal story of a lecturer of project activities, who is himself a migrant.

InBase for children 2016

Program: Leisure time for children and youth

The project is focused on unorganized children from the ranks of migrants and their Czech friends aged 6 – 18 years. The aim is to create an offer of leisure activities in the range of min. 15 workshops for children, min. 80 creative workshops within the Studio, 5 weekend events and 2 summer camps in which at least 120 children will be supported and at least 20 volunteers. The benefit will be the support of a healthy lifestyle, communication and social skills, creativity, participation and understanding of the target group.

1. Regular workshops for children (Studio, ClubIn, other events)

2. Weekend stays for children and youth

3. Camps for children and youth

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