Psychological counseling for adults

Psychological counseling for adults

About the service

We offer individual therapy sessions in a safe environment where you can talk to experienced therapists about what bothers you.

Psychological counseling takes place within the framework of:

  • registered social services “InBáze, z. s. – Professional social counseling” (identifier 7998175), and is provided in accordance with Act no. 108/2006 Coll., on Social Services, as amended, and Decree No. 505/2006 Coll., implementing certain provisions of the Social Services Act.
  • InBaze 2020 II Community Center project within the ESF Operational Program Prague – Growth Pole of the Czech Republic
  • thanks to a group of voluntary psychologists and therapists of TEP

When and where is the service provided and how can I order?

We provide this service especially in our office at Krumlovská 527/4, Prague 4 and Legerova 50, Prague 2.

We provide individual psychological counseling and therapy in the following areas:

  • sudden crisis situations
  • family problems, relationships
  • interpersonal conflicts
  • support in stress management, training in the use of own compensation mechanisms
  • recommendations and mediation of appropriate experts and facilities in the state and private mental health care system
  • and much more.

Ordering: Please contact specific advisors at their email address. Counselors respond to e-mails within 14 days, considering that a large proportion of them provide counseling on a voluntary basis during their employment.





Individ. access



Viktor Pasnichenko


I work with problems in relationships between men and women, parents and children, problems of social adaptation, career and business development, personal crises, anxiety and stress. I have more than 26 years of psychological work experience.

I have been trained and have experience working with immigrants from the beginning of the “third wave” of migration to Israel. I have my own experience with adaptation to life in the Czech Republic.

I work with immigrants to strengthen their internal resources, to find a way out of a difficult situation and to build a successful life scenario while adapting to a new environment.



Languages: Czech, Russian, Ukrainian, English

TEP - Incoming therapy

Since the beginning of 2012, InBaze, z. S. Has been offering therapy to incoming migrants of all kinds.

If you need to talk safely, feel sad or abandoned or unhappy, you are helpless, traumatized, have relationship problems, come talk to TEP therapists in InBase.

The therapy is conducted in Czech, Russian, English, French, Uzbek, German and Spanish.

Contact: e-mail: / phone: +420 737 754 418

Our therapists

Věra Roubalová Kostlánová


Head of TEP, therapist

Languages: Czech

I have been working with migrants for over twenty years. First as a social worker and initiator of women’s multicultural groups. After completing my training in Gestalt Psychotherapy and the Czech Institute for Supervision, I pursue psychotherapeutic counseling for migrants in Czech and Russian. You can contact me with your problems, traumas, feelings of loneliness, helplessness, sadness, but also anger and anger. Together with you we can try to find a way to make you feel better and more happy. We can talk together safely and confidently.

Anna Medvedeva


Psychologist, psychotherapist

Languages: Czech, Russian, Belorussian, English

I was born in Belarus (Minsk) and moved to the Czech Republic 5 years ago, mainly to study psychology and psychotherapy. I have completed the Department of Psychology and Special Education at Charles University in Prague and I am continuing my studies. At the same time, I am a participant in accredited psychotherapeutic training. In my work I try to create an equal relationship between the client and the therapist, where the client is an active collaborator, never a passive listener. I try to create a warm and confidential environment. I like to use relaxation techniques (working with the body, breathing) to relieve physical and mental tension. My own rich experience as an immigrant brought me to the treatment of migrants, and I first tried the joys and worries of being in a new country.

Mukhiba Yakubova



Languages: Russian, Uzbek

I am a psychologist and now I am in psychotherapy training Integration in psychotherapy. I see my task in guiding the client through the crisis, helping the client to recognize the message in the crisis, turning the problem into a challenge, and finding the potential and strength with which the client could cope with his situation. I am a foreigner and I know what a discomfort of a foreign country is. Loneliness, pain, fear, anxiety, distrust in yourself and your strength – that is what everyone can encounter in life and what a stranger often encounters, of course. The focus of my work: solving personal problems and conflicts; apathy, discouragement, loneliness; problems in love and friendly relationships; helping to find oneself and the meaning of life; difficulties in making important decisions and in difficult situations.

Jakub Kuchař



Languages: English

I was born in Prague and studied at the Philosophical Faculty of Palacký University in Olomouc. I am currently in psychoanalytic training. In addition to psychotherapy, psychology and their overlaps, I am interested in culture, films and current social events. She works in private practice and in the psychotherapeutic sanatorium Horní Palata. I have some friends among migrants in Prague and I have had a cultural shock experience during my one year in the US.

Kateřina pěkná



Languages: Czech, Russian

I come from Prague, I studied special pedagogy at Charles University. I am currently working in a children’s home with a school and the Educational Care Center Dvojka, in Jana Masaryka 16, Prague 2, as a therapist. I am a graduate of SUR self-experience training, currently I participate in systemic family therapy training in Motol. Within my profession, I can offer advice, help or “just talking” especially to families with children, adolescents and young adults.

Motto: “We have a home in our head” – Roger Kennedy

Kateřina Ritterová


Languages: Czech, English

I come from Prague and study psychology at Charles University. I am currently in psychotherapy training for deep-dynamic trauma therapy at the Rafael Institute.

I focus mainly on long-term therapy of clients with neurotic problems: depression, anxiety, general dissatisfaction, feelings of loneliness, misunderstanding, problems with establishing relationships and problems to fit. In therapy I try to create a safe space for sharing any thoughts or woes, we can talk about what bothers you, but also about the thoughts and fantasies that come through your head.

I work in private practice in Prague 13, I have a lot of acquaintances among migrants and I am from the second generation of migrants myself, so I have an idea how it feels to feel alien.

Sandra Gembčíková



Languages: Czech and English

I studied culture and psychology at Charles University in Prague. I have received accredited training in cognitive-behavioral therapy. Now I work as a psychologist at the Psychosomatic Clinic in Prague 6, where I focus on diagnostics, individual psychotherapy with adult clients and assertiveness courses. I have long been interested in the issues of migration, intercultural communication and the experience of people who have left their homes and are looking for a place in a new environment. Difficulties you can address include feelings of anxiety or excessive fear, problems in interpersonal relationships, helplessness and lack of support in difficult life situations, etc.

Peter Pöthe


Psychotherapist of children and adolescents

Languages: Czech, English, Hungarian

MUDr. Peter Pöthe, a psychoanalytically oriented psychotherapist for children and adolescents, in his private practice deals with psychic traumatization and devotes himself to therapy and counseling for parents and children with emotional and behavioral disorders. He speaks Czech, English and Hungarian, more at

Petr Novák


Therapist and coach

Languages: Czech and English

I come from South Moravia. I have twenty years of managerial experience working in international companies. I have received accredited coaching training at QED Group and I am currently completing my family therapy training at the Institute of Family Therapy and Psychosomatic Medicine. I work as a coach, family and couple therapist. In family therapy I focus on promoting relationships, mutual perception and communication in the family. In coaching, I try to be a guide that helps clients to understand their current life or professional situation. I encourage clients to use everything they have learned in their lives, to be active, to draw on their experience and talent. This strengthens their confidence in their own ability, independence.

Irena Sgallová


Psychiatrist, psychotherapist

Languages: Czech and English

I come from Prague. I have been working as a psychiatrist for more than 25 years, and as a psychotherapist for 15 years. I attended PCA (human-centered psychotherapy and counseling) training, and trauma psychodynamic training at the Rafael Institute. I worked in psychiatric hospitals in Beřkovice and Bohnice, in the Eset Psychosomatic and Psychotherapy Clinic and in the Fokus Day Sanatorium, where I focused on clients with personality disorder. Now I work in the Psychotherapeutic Services Center Břehová. Here I mainly focus on individual psychotherapy, I also do stationary therapy and psychiatric outpatient clinic. I focus on working with traumatized clients, including clients from other countries. I only work with adults.

In my free time I like to travel, I enjoy getting to know life in other countries. My family and I lived in Israel, the Netherlands and the USA.

At the Brehová Psychotherapeutic Services Center, I can now provide adult migrants with psychiatric counseling, limited individual psychotherapy and a psychiatric outpatient clinic.

More information:

Nataliia Shyshlova


I am a qualified psychologist, teacher, counselor (focusing on Gestalt therapy, art therapy, etc.) helping those who suffer from domestic violence and other problems.

My great interest lies in the area of self-determination of man, choice of his way, harmonious, creative life, relationships and psychological well-being. I am not fascinated by the cultural and socio-psychological differences and contradictions between people, but by their multidimensional similarities that facilitate mutual enrichment and development.

As an advisory psychologist, I work with children and adults on a wide range of problems and issues that arise in the lives of large and small migrants.

Karolína Borecká



Languages: Czech, English, Spanish

I try to create a safe space in psychotherapy, in which the client gradually realizes what is essential in his life, what suits him / her, what he / she wants and what he / she wants to change. I pay attention to emotions, physical experience and thinking.

Currently I have 3 years of training in Gestalt therapy. I studied clinical psychology in the USA, where I lived for a long time and worked with people suffering from anxiety, depression, somatic problems, identity search crises in my school practice… Many of my clients were immigrants from Spanish speaking countries.

Jana Gál



Languages: Czech English German

From my experience, I know how difficult it is to leave a big chunk of yourself and start living in a new country. I know how hard it is to build a new home from the beginning. I know it is difficult to find true friends, or at least someone who will understand you. I’m here to help you find a way to feel better in life.

I have studied intercultural communication, social work and I have completed my studies in psychology. I have completed psychotherapy training. I lived in Switzerland, Germany, England, Belgium and Slovakia.


26. 1. 2020 died our dear colleague, excellent psychotherapist Lukáš Radostný. He was a man full of kindness, empathy, peace and joy. We want to thank him heartily for his willingness to selflessly help the newcomers.

Do you want to use our services but do not know who to choose? Contact us for advice.


If you have any comments or suggestions about the service, or if you are not satisfied with our service, we would be happy to contact us as described above (ČJAJRU).

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