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Community Center

About community activities of InBáze

We organize seminars, debates and workshops on various topics. Do you need to understand better the functioning of authorities in the Czech Republic and your rights and obligations? Are you looking for opportunities for civic participation? Do you want to take a break from everyday worries and meet new friends from the ranks of migrants or find Czech friends? Choose from our varied range of activities.

Inbase activities are supported by:

Community center activities

Adaptive integration courses

Promoting civic engagement

Community garden

Multicultural group circles

Adaptive integration courses

Once or twice a month, seminars, debates or workshops take place, which deal with topics related to everyday life in the Czech Republic. Topics are selected according to client demand (eg employment, housing, trade business, labor relations, education in the Czech Republic, support for children with OMJ and SEN, civic literacy and engagement, culture and tradition in the Czech Republic, public services, health care system , social security and social care, starting a family, pregnancy and motherhood, the birth of a child in the Czech Republic and many others).

If necessary, we provide for interpretation into other world languages.

CONTACT: Irina Yurkevich,, Coordinator of Adaptation Integration Courses (RU)

Promoting civic engagement

Would you like to participate actively in the development of civil society in Prague? Would you like to help with volunteering, but you don’t know how to do it? Or are you already active in your community, but a language barrier prevents you from letting others know about yourself? We are here for you!
In our civic engagement program, we support all those who are interested in active engagement in civil society. We support those who are already active, through better information, networking with others and involvement in new activities, and motivate newcomers to become more involved. We encourage open dialogue and help develop our own ideas and motivation.
We organize workshops, lectures, excursions and networking, thanks to which we learn together how to implement our ideas, obtain funding for their implementation, share successes and failures and discuss with experts from public administration and other organizations (NGOs, neighborhood groups etc.) who can pass on their know-how to us. We are open to everyone, regardless of whether you are a migrant or a Czech; all that matters is your interest in civic engagement.

For a list of our current activities, click here.

CONTACT: Mgr. Natallia Allen,, coordinator of adaptation integration courses (EN, RU)

Mónica Márquez,, coordinator of adaptation integration courses

For more information about our activities, click here.

In the spring of 2020, we established a shared garden on the InBáze terrace in Legerova Street. Do you also have a mini garden on a balcony or window sill? What herbs do you grow? We have also set up for enthusiastic city gardeners group on Facebook, where we share our growing successes and tips and tricks for gardening in Prague.

Regular meetings - Multicultural groups circles

Do you want to take a break from everyday worries and meet new friends from the ranks of migrants or find Czech friends? Come and join us at the InBáze community center. Groups are open to everyone and you don’t need to apply in advance. Knowledge of Czech is not required.


At each meeting, we will have a program prepared for you – a creative workshop, singing, lectures or other activities. Once a month, you can look forward to creative workshops, visits to exhibitions, trips to see animals, etc.

We mainly speak Czech in the group, but you are also welcome with limited knowledge of the Czech language – we will be happy to help you practice it!


Wednesday’s women’s group meetings are intended for women who want to make new contacts and improve their knowledge of Czech. They are an open and safe space for women of all cultures who are interested in meeting new faces, chatting, relaxing, sharing their joys and worries with us. The aim is to give these women a sense of acceptance and make it easier for them to establish social networks with each other.

We mainly communicate in Czech in the group. Thanks to this, migrant women practice the Czech language and we thus contribute to their easier integration.

The main mission of these meetings is to create social ties between Czech clients and women who come to the groups, to introduce Czech culture and mentality to them, and last but not least, to help in difficult situations by referring them to other InBáze activities or services.

Groups are evolving and changing, just as our society is evolving and changing. However, one thing remains, namely an open safe space for both newcomers and Czech women.


Babí léto is open to all women and men of mature age, regardless of country of origin or religion. The aim of the group is to create a pleasant atmosphere based on mutual trust, where it is possible to share memories of past years and events of everyday life. In addition, Babí léto is already famous for its love of culture, poetry and music. Come to see. You are welcome!

Why do migrants help migrants? Migration abroad is a bold and challenging step in everyone’s life. Unfortunately, it is often associated with stress and a lengthy adaptation or integration process, and this often makes it difficult to enjoy new experiences. At InBáze, we try to understand everyone who comes to us, we try to support, advise and direct them…

We have more than half of our colleagues with migrant experience in the team, thanks to which we are able to pass on to our clients not only professional information, but we’re also able to provide them with personal experience.

Anna Darašenka

Iam a Head of Community Center and I come from Belarus.  

Anna’s relationship with InBáze dates back to the very beginning of the Community Center for Migrants. That was in 2006, when she started working as an assistant and liaison worker for migrants. Since then, she has been in constant contact with InBázi, whether as an employee or active leader, a member of the association or a member of the supervisory board. She is currently preparing and coordinating not only the activities of the Center itself, but she is also the main organizer of the Refufest festival in InBáze.

Vilena Taraskina

My name is Vilena and I come from Ekaterinburg. 

Vilena has been living in Prague for 9 years. Volunteering in the organizations Meta, o.p.s., and InBáze, z. s. played an important role in the integration process during her studies. She originally came to Meta, o.p.s. as a client – first as a participant in leisure activities for young people, and then in a theater group. Eventually, she founded the leisure club “Čekuj!” together with other volunteers, which introduces culture, traditions and the Czech environment in untraditional ways. Vilena is in charge of coordinating volunteers at InBáze.

P.S. You are most welcome to volunteer in the InBáze activities!
An up-to-date overview of the activities we need help with can be found in the section Volunteering.

Mariya Mortillaro

Icome from Ukraine and have lived here for more than 20 years.

Mariya is dedicated to somatic coaching and is currently in prestigious international certified coaching training. At InBáze, you can meet her in women’s circles or during cooking together, which is also one of the activities of the Community Center. In her work, she uses her experience and knowledge, which she gained from coaching the clients during her studies and practice.

Where to find me: Web / Instagram / LinkedIn

I look forward to seeing you,
with the love of Mary

Kristina Kvetenadze


I am a social worker at InBáze.

Kristina comes from Georgia and has been working in the non-profit sector for many years, thanks to the Intercultural Worker course organized by InBáze. Her job is to help foreigners from different countries living in Prague to communicate with authorities and institutions and to get a better orientation in the Czech environment. She also works for an organization that helps foreign women in Prague, and at the same time, she leads a small project of a Prague city district and is involved in the activities of the InBáze Community center.