InBáze assistance services at the foreigners’ residence department in Prague IV

InBáze assistance services at the foreigners’ residence department in Prague IV

Name:  InBáze assistance services at foreigners’ residence departments in Prague IV

Program: Integration of Foreigners 2014

Provider: Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic – OAMP

Implementer: InBáze, o.s.

Start of project implementation: 01.01.2014

Project duration: 12 months


Project description:

In cooperation with the OAMP MV ČR, a very innovative and necessary model of providing interpretation and counseling was created in March 2011 directly at the OPC in Prague, where more than ¾ foreigners with long-term and temporary residence come. The project builds on the already implemented Assistance Services I, II and III projects. We will continue to focus on providing assistance and counseling services primarily at the OPC in Prague for foreigners from third countries who are in an unfavorable life situation. Based on the experience from previous projects, the project will be extended by an enlightenment activity at the OPC branch, focused mainly on cultural, enlightenment and educational activities. Specifically, the objectives of the project will be met in the following activities:

1. Assistance services

The service will continue to be provided in 6 languages (Czech, Russian, Vietnamese, Mongolian, English and French) at the 3 busiest departments in Prague – Department of Residence of Foreigners Prague IV: Koněvova 188/32, Prague 3 – Žižkov; Prague III: Cigánkova 1861/2, Prague 4 – Chodov; Prague I: Nad Vršovskou Horou 88/4, Prague 10 – Bohdalec.

2. Residential and legal advice

Following the already successfully implemented counseling in matters of residence with a social and legal focus directly at OPC branches, the capacity of the counselor with a legal focus will be expanded from April 2014, as client demand for solving more complex problems regarding residence permits exceeds InBáze, o.s. A counselor in matters of residence with social education and a capacity-enhanced counselor with legal education will work at the OPC branch together with an intercultural worker. In the case of more time-consuming cases, they will provide social or legal counseling directly in the community center.

3. Enlightenment at the OPC Koněvova branch

The area of ​​branches, to which a large number of foreigners come every day, has great potential for cultural, educational and enlightening activities. Most foreigners come to the OPC without an order and spend a large part of the day in the OPC premises waiting for check-in. As part of this activity, a pilot project focused on the overall cultivation of this public space (especially corridors and waiting rooms) is being implemented at the OPC Koněv branch in cooperation with the Ministry of Interior.

4. Interpreting

For effective work with clients who do not speak enough Czech, it is necessary to provide interpretation into their native language. In particular, it concerns counseling in matters of residence, social and legal counseling, provision of assistance, etc. This service is already provided by certified social interpreters who are familiar with the Czech environment and have good communication skills.

5. Project coordination

For the quality functioning of the project, it is necessary to ensure effective economic and content management of the project implementation. Given that the project is part of the structured offer of the InBáze community center, it is important that in addition to direct work with clients, the cooperation of all activities not only of this project but also of the entire InBáze center in cooperation with the organization’s management is ensured.


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