A new home for asylum seekers IV

A new home for asylum seekers IV

Název projektu: A new home for asylum seekers IV

Program/provider: European Refugee Fund

Realizátor: InBáze, o.s.

Commencement of project implementation: 1.7.2014

Project duration: 12 months


Project description:

The aim of the project A new home for asylum seekers IV is to provide comprehensive services related to the integration of persons with international protection, namely assistance with securing housing within the SIP, social, work and psychological counseling, personal assistance in integration into the community, assistance with the mediation of follow-up services and assistance with the provision of medicines. This is the fourth project in a row. Compared to the current one, the project will be implemented only in 6 regions, where the regular presence of persons belonging to the target group, ie persons with granted international protection, is found. These regions are: Plzeňský, Karlovarský, Liberecký, Jihočeský, Středočeský and Hlavní město Prahu. The scope of the project in the above regions is derived from experience in the implementation of the current project New Home for Asylum Seekers III. In contrast, no persons with granted international protection were identified in the Vysočina Region during the previous project.

The project will build on previous cooperation, especially with the Integration Asylum Centers operated by the Administration of Refugee Facilities of the Ministry of Interior. We will also continue to cooperate with non-governmental organizations operating in the given regions, ie OPU České Budějovice, Diocesan Charity Pilsen, Archdiocesan Charity Prague, META, CIC, Diaconia, etc.

The EUF 2013 New Home for Asylum Seekers IV project is supported by the European Refugee Fund and the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic.


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Information about the project was also provided through a website intended for the target group and the Czech public www.domavcr.czwww.migraceonline.cz, through websites InBáze, z.s., www.inbaze.cz, professional social counseling specifically in reference  https://inbaze.cz/pravni-a-socialni-poradenstvi/ and on the social network https://www.facebook.com/InBaze?fref=ts.

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