Working trip of the team InBáze z.s. to Norway

Working trip of the team InBáze z.s. to Norway

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The bilateral contribution of the initiative can be assessed as very good, given that the set goals of the project were met, in which the study trip exchanged experiences in working with vulnerable children and youth between InBáze, zs and five Norwegian organizations (3 organizations in Oslo and 2 organizations in Bergen). The selection of host organizations met the expectations of the participants, as the activities of the partner organizations in Norway were fully in line with the focus and activities of InBáza.

Of the five organizations visited, four were non-profit organizations (NGOs): Redd Barna (Save the Children), Red Cross, Kirkens Bymisjon Bergen and Frelses Armeen, and one as an organizational unit of public administration: OXLO (Oslo Extra Large ”) – Oslo Municipality. Thanks to the diversity of the host organizations and especially the possibility to look into the content of their activities, it was possible (albeit on this small sample) to make a certain comparison not only of their own work, but also of the conditions of service provision and their focus. All business meetings took place in a friendly atmosphere. The participants of the study visit were prepared for the meeting, including a presentation on the activities of InBáze, as well as employees of Norwegian organizations.

The study visit focused mainly on gaining know – how from Norway for 9 employees of InBáze, z. S., Who mainly prepare (or participate in the preparation) and implement programs for children and adolescents from migrant families living in Prague. During the meeting, the implemented programs for children and youth and the way of working with the target group were discussed (division of programs according to children’s age, way of involving children from the majority society in children’s programs, cooperation with schools, current legislation affecting migrants’ living conditions in both countries and others). ). It can be stated that the used procedures and methods of work in Norway are similar, but due to their sophistication and methodological framework, they represent a real “best practice” in the given area.

It is mainly the involvement of volunteers, which is significantly higher in the conditions of Norwegian organizations, ie their direct involvement in working with clients of the target group (children and youth of migrants). A common model is a mentoring approach, where, for example, several volunteers take care of a newly arrived family, which they introduce to the neighborhood and the functioning of the city district (Red Barna). The same approach is applied to unaccompanied minor refugees, who are invited by volunteers to have lunch with their families, spend time together or explore the area (Red Cross) and through these activities new friendships or even finding “alternates”. parents. Kirkens Bymisjon or Frelses Armeen have a similar model for involving volunteers in leisure activities for children and young people as InBáze.

From the point of view of teaching Czech to foreigners, it was interesting to find out that children who immigrate to Norway and do not speak Norwegian are not included in a regular school class, but are primarily included in preparatory language courses aimed at teaching children with different mother tongues. Norwegian first. Only then do they transfer to regular primary or secondary schools. During the stay, we were unable to find out the details of how this is arranged or to arrange a meeting with the founder of such courses or language schools. The existence of low-threshold Norwegian language courses for children is also interesting. In the Czech Republic, we only know about the existence of low-threshold courses for adults.

Representatives of Norwegian organizations, on the other hand, were interested in the activities of InBáze z.s. in the Czech Republic, conditions of activity, existing programs, number of employees and volunteers and more. Representatives of Inbáze z.s. presented their activities both through a PowerPoint presentation and by introducing individual employees and their specific involvement in the activities of the organization. There was thus a mutual exchange of experiences, which was positively received. Of the 5 organizations visited, 1 organization showed a specific interest in future direct cooperation in the form of a project (Kirkens Bymisjon Bergen). Cooperation will be developed with the aim of preparing a project with the possibility of funding from the NF under future NF / EEA programs.

The activity went according to plan, compared to the plan we managed to get another Norwegian partner in Bergen (Kirkens Bymisjon Bergen) and thus the number of Norwegian partners increased from 4 to 5. There were 2 meetings in this organization, due to the fact that the organization’s representative (Jan Mikkelsen) at the morning meeting 13.9. offered participants partial participation in children’s programs, which took place on 13.9. afternoon (school preparation, meeting of mothers with children, leisure activity).

As part of the activity, 6 meetings were held with Norwegian organizations on the premises of these organizations (3 in Oslo and 3 in Bergen) according to the following program:

10. 9. arrival in Oslo late at night

11. 9. Redd Barna Oslo

12. 9. Red Cross Oslo, OXLO Oslo Kommune, flight from Oslo to Bergen in the evening

13. 9. Kirkens Bymisjon Bergen (organization premises in the morning, participation in field programs in the afternoon)

14. 9. Frelses Armeen

15. 9. departure from Bergen to Prague

Photo documentation was taken from the meeting, which is attached.

At the end of the study visit, a meeting of participants took place on 14 September, devoted to the evaluation of experience and acquired knowledge in the form of a structured discussion. The conclusions will be incorporated into the report, including specific recommendations for the use of knowledge in the activities of children’s programs and youth programs. All employees of InBáze z.s. will then be acquainted with the report.

Overall, the study visit was evaluated very positively by the participants and the objectives of the visit were fully met. Compared to the planned program, another Norwegian partner in Bergen (Kirkens Bymisjon Bergen) was acquired. The participants received new stimuli and inspiration for further work, especially in the field of involving volunteers in direct work with clients but also the way of organization and management of individual programs and will strive to implement this knowledge into the activities of InBáze, z. S.

During the meeting, the Norwegian partners were also presented with the activities of InBáze, z.s. and it should be considered important that the activities and programs in the Czech Republic and Norway do not differ significantly from each other, the methods of work are very similar, in this sense, the experience from Norway is also easier to transfer. However, the Czech organization has significantly worse material and financial conditions for its activities. It is possible to evaluate positively the acquaintance with the activities of Norwegian organizations and meetings with their employees at the organization’s headquarters, but especially the excursion to all areas of Kirkens Bymisjon Bergen, where programs and personal participation of Inbáze employees in small groups in running programs. The establishment of cooperation with Kirkens Bymisjon Bergen can be considered a significant benefit and the study visit thus enabled the setting up of possible future cooperation and a permanent exchange of experience with this organization and the expected cooperation on a joint project.

The study visit brought a significant expansion of knowledge for the participants, especially in the field of working methods, applicable legislation and other knowledge, and thus strengthened their professional development, which can be considered a significant step and contribution to improving the services offered in the Czech Republic.

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