Support for a single mother with two sick children

Our client Mrs. M. lives alone with her two sick children. She comes from Uzbekistan and needs financial assistance for the costs associated with moving and paying rent in the apartment (deposit + rent + moving), because her lease ends and she unfortunately got into a very difficult financial situation.

Neither the client nor the children have yet obtained permanent residence in the Czech Republic, because the proceedings take a very long time, which makes it very difficult for them to apply for financial assistance from the system in the Czech Republic. So Mrs. M. takes care of everything all by herself, the father of the children does not participate in the upbringing of the children in any way, not even financially. The son (10 years old) has atypical autism and attends a special primary school for only 3 hours a day. Both children suffer from ataxia and cerebellar disorder and the daughter (13 years old) therefore has problems with movement, cannot walk independently and is therefore educated at home.

The children’s illness was a major intervention in the client’s life. Ms. M. cannot continue to run her business activities to the same extent as before, as childcare is very time consuming. Diagnosis of children was also very expensive, considering that the children had only commercial health insurance and no examination was paid for by the health insurance company. Now the client has to pay for an expensive diet for both children (celiac disease).

As a result of these events, the client got into great financial distress. In the apartment, which she rented for four and a half years, her lease agreement ends in September 2019, which will probably not be extended. If the client does not get enough money, then it is possible that she will not have a place to live with the children.

He now needs approximately CZK 45,000 to 50,000 for bail, rent and moving. If she does not find the apartment herself, it may be necessary to pay an additional fee to the real estate agency. The client does not yet have an apartment, so the target amount is not entirely clear, but she is actively looking for it.

If you would like to support your family financially, send any amount to a transparent account: 633756/5500 and specify the variable symbol: 818.

The client will be very happy for any financial assistance.

The money sent for the purposes listed below is intended for general collection. The funds will be primarily intended for specific persons, according to the variable symbol you specify. In some cases, however, the purpose of collecting money will cease (eg the health insurance of the person for whom the money for the operation was collected will be obtained) or payment will not be effective (eg the financial situation will improve).

The money sent by you will then be used for the general purpose of the collection (http://www.inbaze.cz/verejna-sbirka-inbaze-na-pomoc-migrantum-v-cr-klientum-inbaze-v-krizove-situaci/).

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