Support for migrants entering the labor market in Prague

Support for migrants entering the labor market in Prague

Name of Project: Support for migrants entering the labor market in Prague, CZ.2.17/2.1.00/35228

Program / poskytovatel: Operational Program Prague – Adaptability, Priority Axis 2: Modernization of Initial Education

Implementer: InBáze, o. s.

Commencement of project implementation: 01. 09. 2013

Project duration: 20 months


Project description:

The main goal of the project is to facilitate entry into the primary labor market and increase the employability of foreigners with permanent residence in the capital city of Prague due to language barriers, insufficient qualifications, ignorance of the environment, long-term unemployment and discrimination by employers.

The project also responds to the ever-increasing number of foreigners who want to run their own businesses, including foreign women who enter the labor market either after maternity leave or from long-term unemployment and from an environment without sufficient knowledge of doing business in the Czech Republic.

The services offered within the project lead to the empowerment of foreigners (increase of qualifications, knowledge of their rights and obligations), which act as prevention of social exclusion and locking in the secondary labor market.

The main goal will be fulfilled by the implementation of these sub-goals:


The comprehensive offer and individual approach ensures, among other things, a high attendance rate for individual courses and practically 100% success in completing retraining. The community center is open every weekday and hosts programs for children and families on weekends. The InBáze Community Center is a unique facility of its kind in the Czech Republic and its program offer is created with regard to many years of experience working with the target group and on the basis of direct feedback from the migrant.

Documents to download

Study materials GLE – business

An individual plan to a business plan


The project Support for Migrants in Entering the Labor Market in Prague is funded Operational Program Prague Adaptability


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