Randez vous InBáze VII – meeting of traditions and cultures

Randez vous InBáze VII – meeting of traditions and cultures

Name of Project: Randez vous InBáze VII – meeting of traditions and cultures

Program/provider: European Fund for the Integration of Third-Country Nationals and the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic

Implementer: InBáze, o. s.

Commencement of project implementation: 1.7.2014

Project duration: 12 months


Project description: 

Randez-vous InBase VII builds on successful projects Randez-vous Berkat I, II, III, IV, V, VI
and thus builds on activities that contribute to mutual understanding of both the majority society and foreigners in Prague and South Bohemia. Activities take place in the form of personal meetings, cultural experiences
and cultural exchanges.


It will be the 6th year of the multicultural festival, which takes place in Rakovice in South Bohemia. In the countryside, the topic of migration and integration is becoming less and less visible, and RefuFest has already become a unique opportunity in South Bohemia to get to know foreigners, their customs, traditions or life in the Czech Republic.

REFUFEST 2015 – Prague

It will be the jubilee 10th year of the multicultural festival in Prague. The festival offers not only music
and theatrical activities, but during the festival the Czech majority meets people from different parts of the world and thus obtains information about their country of origin, culture, customs, national cuisine or life in the Czech Republic. Foreigners are actively involved in the organization of the festival itself. Participates in performances both on the main stage and in interactive workshops in a workshop tent, exhibitions, information stands
also to provide refreshments.

Saturday club

One of the main ideas of the project is to acquaint Czech society with different cultures of foreigners residing in the Czech Republic. We work on this idea throughout the year, with an important role played by Multicultural women’s groups, whose participants are primarily foreign women, but also women from the majority society. As part of the so-called Saturday club, we will build on the already successful courses in cooking ethnic and Czech cuisine, which will be organized in the InBáze community center once every 2 months. Once a month there will be a trip to interesting historical and cultural places in the Czech Republic or an afternoon meeting in Invasion focused on mutual support and development of topics chosen by club participants, such as family abroad, etc. Saturday club meeting will be open to families, women and foreign men and Czechs.

LECTURE CYCLE “Get to know your new home” IN PRAGUE

The content of the lectures “Get to know your new home” increases the awareness of foreigners about the legislative, legal, social and cultural system in the Czech Republic, provides practical orientation in Czech society and its history
and at the same time offers the opportunity for foreigners from third countries to acquaint Czech citizens with their countries
and cultures. The lectures take place with the participation of foreigners and Czech citizens at the InBáze community center in Prague.


Tato část navazuje na již realizované aktivity ve venkovském komunitním centru v Rakovicích
v předchozích letech a rozšiřuje ho o region Středních Čech. Jedná se zejména o multikulturní oslavy svátků, regionální slavnosti a pobyt Multikulturních skupin na venkovském komunitním centru
v Rakovicích. Obou aktivit se účastní česká majorita i cizinci.


Projekt EIF 2013 Randez-vous Inbáze VII – setkávání tradic a kultur je podpořen Evropským fondem pro integraci státních příslušníků třetích zemí a Ministerstvem vnitra ČR.

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