Other projects in 2012 – 2014

Other projects in 2012 – 2014

Assistance services for migrants InBase III

Program / provider: European Integration Fund.

Project implementation time: 1.1.2013 – 30.6.2014

The aim of the project is to provide assistance and counseling services to foreigners from third countries who are in a difficult life situation, directly at the Departments of Residence of Foreigners of the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic in Czech, English, Arabic, French, Russian, Vietnamese and Mongolian. This project builds on three previous successful projects Assistance Services for Migrants InBases I, II and III implemented from 2011 to the present. The service is provided on the territory of the capital city of Prague in connection with cooperation with the Prague Integration Center and other non-governmental migrant organizations.

This is a much-needed and innovative model of counseling, which was created in cooperation with the Department of Asylum and Migration Policy of the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic. Specifically, we operate in a separate office directly at OPC Prague III in Cigánkova Street, OPC Prague IV on Koněvova Street and OPC Prague I in Bohdalec, where more than ¾ foreigners with long-term, temporary and permanent residence come. Advice at the branches on administrative proceedings and interpretation is provided by trained intercultural staff in cooperation with residency advisers with a legal and social focus.

Within the project we also cooperate with relevant institutions and cooperating organizations, especially with OAMP MV ČR, MZV ČR – consular department, trade licensing offices, labor offices, Prague Social Security Administration, commercial insurance companies, hospitals, police, International Organization for Migration, etc. to help break down institutional barriers for foreigners and to negotiate binding procedures for foreigners, which are very often not uniform.

Based on practical experience from branch counseling, a practical illustrative guide was created within the project, containing basic information on administrative proceedings within the procedure for granting a residence permit, the ignorance of which makes life most difficult for migrants. This guide is available in 6 languages.

The EIF 2012-13 Assistance Services for Migrants InBase III project is supported by the European Fund for the Integration of Third-Country Nationals and the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic


Mosaic III – Support for extracurricular activities of the “second generation” of foreigners from third countries

Provider: European Fund for the Integration of Third-Country Nationals

Implementation period: 1 July 2013 – 30 June 2014

The Mosaic III project builds on the six-year experience of the civic association InBáze with work with children, youth and entire families of foreigners from third countries living in the Czech Republic and on previous Mosaic I and II projects implemented in 2010-2013. The project responds to the fact that children and young people with CTZs are often disadvantaged by the fact that the family does not have the opportunities and existential or social skills to enable them to develop their personality in extracurricular activities. We know from practice that just other activities outside normal school attendance, the so-called extracurricular activities, allows children from the second generation of CTZ to strengthen their self-worth in the new environment, and thus better integrate in the Czech environment. At the same time, new social ties are being established, which contribute to the two-way process of integration between foreigners and their peers from the Czech majority. The project will offer regular activities in the sheltered environment of the InBáze community center in Prague and in the Rakovice district in southern Bohemia, which are set up as a preparation for further entry of children and youth into out-of-school facilities. work with the family, which is very important in the process of entering and maintaining the child’s attendance at leisure facilities. The project includes direct support for extracurricular activities, cooperation with extracurricular facilities in Prague and southern Bohemia, cooperation with schools, ongoing contact with new children, accompaniment, tutoring and cooperation with the family. InBáze, o. S. Is a partner organization of the Integration Center Prague, o. P. S. And a professional guarantor for work with the family. The Mosaic III project will thus be able to be implemented in the broader context of the involved city districts of Prague. At the same time, cooperation will be established with IC České Budějovice in southern Bohemia. The project will involve children and young people of CTZ aged 5 -16, their Czech peers, parents and the general Czech public in direct cooperation on the project and popularization of the topic of life of the “second generation” of CTZ in the Czech Republic.

The Mosaic III project – support for extracurricular activities of the “second generation” of foreigners from third countries is supported by the European Fund for the Integration of Third-Country Nationals and the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic.


Support for regular activities of organized and unorganized children and youth in the city district of Prague 2

Provider: Městská část Praha 2

Implementation period: 1 April 2013 – 31 March 2014

The project focuses on educational and leisure programs for disadvantaged children and youth from the ranks of migrants and Czechs and their overall personal and social development. These programs for children and youth have been running successfully in InBáza since 2006. The content of this project is educational and creative
and leisure activities, which are with regard to developmental specifics divided separately for a group of younger (6-11 years) and older (12-16 years) children, equally from the ranks of foreigners and Czechs.

The regular program for a group of younger children (6 -11 years) will be activities in the InBáze Studio – “Mosaic”. For a group of older children, there will be a regular multicultural club “ClubIn” focused
to meet teenagers with professionals who do their profession well and happily
and can thus become a role model and inspiration for young people when considering their future career orientation. In connection with these activities, we support the participation of children and young people in public cultural events, we provide support for both age groups for extracurricular activities, tutoring, thematic weekends
and summer stays in a rural community center in Rakovice, South Bohemia, and field work in families, schools, and possibly other institutions.

The project was supported by the City District of Prague 2.


New home for asylum seekers III

Program / provider: European Refugee Fund

Project implementation period: 1.7.2013 – 1.7.2014

The New Home for Asylum Seekers III project is a continuous follow-up to previous New Home for Asylum Seekers I and II projects, and is funded by the European Refugee Fund of the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic. The project is intended for asylum seekers and persons granted subsidiary protection, with a permanent address in one of the following regions:

  • Hl. m. Praha
  • Středočeský kraj
  • Karlovarský kraj
  • Ústecký Kraj
  • Liberecký kraj
  • Královehradecký kraj
  • Jihočeský kraj
  • Plzeňský kraj
  • Vysočina

The aim and content of the project New Home for Asylum Seekers III is to help persons belonging to the target group of persons granted international protection in the field of professional social counseling, employment counseling and assistance in integration into the municipality, for at least 6 months. These activities consist mainly in assistance in securing flats within the framework of the state integration program (SIP) in variant I, II.A, II.B, as well as in assistance in equipping these flats with the necessary equipment. Furthermore, the project focuses on assistance in the employment of the persons concerned in the Czech labor market, through job counseling and on the offer of financial support for retraining, which includes the possibility of obtaining a driver’s license. A partial activity of the project, which is based mainly on professional social counseling with a focus on housing and work and psychological counseling, is also assistance with the provision of medicines, or the possibility of paying for public transport fares.

The project is implemented in the premises of the civic association InBáze at the address Legerova 50, Prague 2 after a previous telephone order on tel. +420 777 096 883 or +420 739 037 353.

EUF 2012-10 New Home for Asylum Seekers III project is supported by the European Refugee Fund and the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic


Rendez vous InBáze VI – meeting of traditions and cultures

Program / provider: European Fund for the Integration of Third-Country Nationals and the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic

Project implementation period: 01. 05. 2013 – 30.06.2014

Randez-vous InBáze Berkat VI builds on the successful Randez-vous Berkat I, II, III, IV and V projects and thus builds on activities that contribute to mutual understanding of both the majority society and foreigners in Prague and South Bohemia. Activities take place in the form of personal meetings, cultural experiences and cultural exchanges.

REFUFEST ON THE FARM 2013 – Rakovice

It will be the 5th year of the multicultural festival, which takes place in Rakovice in South Bohemia. In the countryside, the topic of migration and integration is becoming less and less visible, and RefuFest has already become a unique opportunity in South Bohemia to get to know foreigners, their customs, traditions or life in the Czech Republic.

REFUFEST 2014 – Prague

It will be the 9th year of the multicultural festival in Prague. The festival offers not only musical and theatrical activities, but during the festival the Czech majority meets people from different parts of the world and thus obtains information about their country of origin, culture, customs, national cuisine or life in the Czech Republic. Foreigners are actively involved in the organization of the festival itself. He participates in performances both on the main stage and in interactive workshops in the workshop tent, exhibitions, information stands and in the provision of refreshments.


One of the main ideas of RefuFest is to acquaint Czech society with the different cultures of foreigners residing in the Czech Republic. We work on this idea throughout the year, with an important role played by Multicultural women’s groups, whose participants are primarily foreign women, but also women from the majority society. Throughout the year, the InBáze community center will host ethnic cuisine cooking courses once every 2 months, which will prepare foreign women for women from the Czech majority. Cooking workshops will then take place at both Refufests.

LECTURE CYCLE “Get to know your new home”

Content of lectures “Get to know your new home” increases the awareness of foreigners about the legislative, legal, social and cultural system in the Czech Republic, provides practical orientation in Czech society and its history.


This part builds on the activities already implemented in the rural community center in previous years. These are mainly multicultural celebrations of holidays and the stay of Multicultural groups at the rural community center in Rakovice. The Czech majority and foreigners participate in both activities.

EIF project 2012-12 Randez-vous Inbase VI – meeting of traditions and cultures is supported by the European Fund for the Integration of Third-Country Nationals and the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic


Children’s database in Rakovice V

Provider: Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports

Implementation time: 1. 1. 2013 – 31. 12. 2013

 The InBáze Community Center has been working with migrant children and their families for a long time. The loss of social ties and the poor existential situation of families do not allow migrant children to spend their free time fully, which often handicaps them, among other things, in relation to Czech classmates. These children spend weekends and holidays in isolation in the environment of homes or Prague districts. Since 2008, children from the InBáze program have had the opportunity to actively spend their free time, weekends and holidays in the multicultural community center Rakovice in the South Bohemian Region at the InBáze community center, where programs following these programs have been running for these children for five years. As part of the InBáze children in Rakovice V project, migrant children will spend four one-day events together with Czech peers, parents and volunteers, three weekends, a ten-day summer camp and a five-day summer camp in Rakovice. The InBáze for Children in Rakovice V project continues 

to previous successful years 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012.


Social activation services for families with children

 Provider: Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, City of Prague

 Implementation time: 1. 1. 2013 – 31. 12. 2013

The service is intended for families of migrants with children of all residential statuses who are in a difficult life situation and live in the capital city of Prague. The service is provided in the scope of educational, training and activation activities, it includes socio-therapeutic activities, mediation of contact with the social environment, assistance in exercising rights and legitimate interests and in procuring personal matters. In connection with social counseling for families, specific programs for children and youth of the second generation of migrants are also implemented within the provided service. The service is provided in both outpatient and field form.

Since 2012, this service has also been provided in partnership with the Integration Center Prague, where InBáze has become a guarantor of work with entire families and the second generation of migrants throughout the capital city of Prague..


We get to know the nature and traditions of the new home

 Provider: City of Prague

 Implementation time: 1. 1. 2013 – 31. 12. 2013

The project “Getting to know the nature and traditions of the new home” is implemented primarily through trips of migrant children to the multicultural rural community center Rakovice in southern Bohemia. The children of migrants, on which the project is focused, live in the capital. Prague and together with Czech children participate in the regular program of an open group for younger children (6 -11 years) or regular club meetings for young people (12 -16 years), which take place at the community center for migrants InBáze, o.s. Migrant children are often at risk from their family’s socio-economic situation and thus from social exclusion. They often do not have the opportunity to spend their free time outside their residence in Prague. The programs focus on the personal and social development of these children and on learning about areas outside Prague (especially the South Bohemian region, where the rural multicultural community center Rakovice is located).

The project includes 8 activities – 3 celebrations traditional holidays and 5 weekend stays (3 for younger children and 2 for older children).Weekend stays in Rakovice allow children from Prague to leave the urban environment and get to know the beauties of rural nature, learn to behave correctly and responsibly in it and protect it. Celebrations of cultural and liturgical holidays acquaint children and young people with the traditional rural form of carnival celebrations, Easter, Advent, etc. All events are designed to develop children’s personalities and promote a healthy lifestyle in children.


Volunteers in InBáz


Provider: Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic

Implementation period: 1 January 2013 – 31 December 2013

Cooperation with volunteers has a long tradition within InBáze and is an integral and necessary part in fulfilling the goals and mission of the organization. The project focuses on continuing and deepening cooperation with volunteers. Volunteers participate in the projects of the InBáze community center, especially in programs for children and youth, as well as in multicultural groups for women “Circles” and provide individual tutoring for the centre’s clients. He also works in a rural community center in southern Bohemia in Rakovice, mainly in residential events for children and youth and for women and in family programs. The irreplaceable role of volunteers is also at one-day events, such as RefuFest or impact brigades. As part of the project, there is a continuous recruitment of new people interested in volunteering and we provide training, supervision and Russian language courses for existing volunteers.

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