OPPPR: InBáze 2020 Community Center

OPPPR: InBáze 2020 Community Center


The project focuses on the establishment and development of a community center that offers migrants staying in Prague professional advice (social worker, lawyer), support from intercultural workers (eg accompaniment and interpretation at offices and institutions, at the doctor) and mutual sharing of skills and knowledge . The project organizes leisure clubs and community meetings for children and adults in order to increase the language skills of migrants and support their integration into mainstream society. We assume the involvement of at least 712 participants from the target group.

KA 1: Addressing the participants and their involvement in the project
KA 2: Socio-cultural programs
KA 3: Engaged art
KA 4: Spatial modifications of the community center
KA 5: Intercultural work in the community
KA 6: Leisure programs for children and youth
KA 7: Project management

Project Manager: Eva Obrátilová, obratilova@inbaze.cz, 777 055 229

Activities for migrants living in Prague

Leisure activities and community dining

  • regularly held clubs and one-off community events

Martina Hrdličková, hrdlickova@inbaze.cz, 733 785 946

Project incubator

  • 3 closed cycles of evening meetings in order to develop the projects of the participants under the guidance of a lecturer

Helena Masníková, masnikova@inbaze.cz, 739 648 679

Engaged art

  • photo studio, theater workshops for adults, storytelling / story sharing

Hana Mlynářová, mlynarova@inbaze.cz, 733 785 945

Consulting and mediation activities

  • basic counseling and assistance services of intercultural workers, low-threshold counseling services of a social worker and a lawyer

Arabic speaking migrants:

Mayada Elhisssy, 733 785 943, elhissy@inbaze.cz

Laila Mousa, 703 644 830, mousa@inbaze.cz

Russian-speaking migrants:

Viktoria Valeeva, 703 644 832, valeeva@inbaze.cz

Dinara Akhmetova, 703 644 832, akhmetova@inbaze.cz

Spanish speaking migrants:

Mónica, Marquez, 731 748 751, marquez@inbaze.cz

Ana Carolina Briceño Moreno, 733 785 942, briceno@inbaze.cz

Spanish and Italian speaking migrants:

Isabel Torrres, 733 785 941, torres@inbaze.cz 

Social Worker: Tereza Pisárová, pisarova@inbaze.cz

Lawyer: Václav Kleps, kleps@inbaze.cz

Activities for migrant children and young people

 Club for younger children

  • Regular meetings 1.5 hours / week, day trips, weekend stays, suburban camp.
  • Children aged 5 – 11 years.
  • The club’s program is focused on the all-round development of children with an emphasis on improving their knowledge of the Czech language. It includes physical activities, creative workshops, visits to cultural events, etc.

Kateřina Douděrová, 723 304 122, douderova@inbaze.cz

Youth club

  • Regular 2 – 4 hour meetings once every 14 days.
  • Teenagers aged 12-18.
  • Workshops and meetings are focused on meaningful leisure time, practicing the Czech language and developing social competencies. Children are also worked on an individual basis.

Vendula Poláková, 733 570 026, polakova@inbaze.cz

Theater club for children

  • September 2017 – June 2018
  • children aged 8 – 14 years
  • development of creativity and acting dispositions in children, publicly presented final performance

Irina Sleptsova, sleptsova@inbaze.cz


  • a pair of child (5 – 18 years) and adult mentor
  • support of children in the framework of individual care of a long-term nature (min. 6 months), spending free time, preparation for school, intercultural accompaniment

Vendula Poláková, 733 570 026, polakova@inbaze.cz


The InBáze 2020 Community Center project is funded by the Prague Operational Program: Pole of Growth of the Czech Republic.

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