OPPPR: Bridges to schools

OPPPR: Bridges to schools



The aim of the project is to strengthen mutual understanding, respect and inclusion in a multicultural society, increase the quality of education and support the inclusion of children and pupils with different mother tongues (OMJs) through 10 key activities. A large part of the activities is implemented and focused directly on the support of children, pupils and teachers from cooperating schools, which are Masaryk Elementary School, Prague 21, Lyčkovo náměstí Elementary School, Prague 8, Mezi školami Kindergarten, Prague 5 and Kotlaska Kindergarten, Prague 8. they focus on leisure and community activities taking place directly in InBáz or public spaces, such as libraries, and support for staff and volunteers implementing programs.

Period: 1 November 2016 – 31 July 2019

KA 1: Introduction of a system of cooperation with schools

KA 2: School intercultural club at kindergarten, primary school

KA 3: Boxes of Stories: Tutorials for Children and Pupils

KA 4: Multicultural educational programs for pupils II. elementary school degree

KA 5: Reading and Language Literacy Development Program for Pupils with OMJ

KA 6: Services of intercultural workers in schools (pilot)

KA 7: Educational activities for teachers: How to work with children and pupils with OMJ

KA 8: Community multicultural programs

KA 9: Education of project professionals and volunteers

KA 10: Project management

Project Manager: Petra Holubářová, holubarova@inbaze.cz, 602 779 464

Activities implemented with cooperating kindergartens and primary schools

Introduction of a system of cooperation with schools

During the preparatory phase of the project, cooperating schools are selected and contacted. The position of coordinators of work with pupils and teachers at individual schools will be set and the specific needs and requirements of pupils and teachers will be defined and specific key activities and their scope will be selected. During the project, these activities are then fulfilled or adjusted in terms of scope or schedule.

Group teaching of Czech as a foreign language

During the project, 6 courses will be implemented at 2 primary schools (ZŠ Masarykova, Prague 21 and ZŠ Lyčkovo náměstí, Prague 8) in a total of 186 teaching hours (2 x 2 hours per week) for each primary school.

During the project, a total of 6 courses will take place at 2 kindergartens (Kotlaska Kindergarten, Prague 8 and Mezi školami Kindergarten, Prague 5) in a total of 93 teaching hours for each kindergarten.

A total of 30 children and pupils will be supported by intensive teaching of Czech as a foreign language.

Contact: cestina@inbaze.cz

Services of intercultural workers in schools (pilot)

The intercultural worker provides assistance, including interpreting in negotiations between parents and pedagogical staff (eg when attending class meetings, consultations, interpreting by phone, translating email communication, translating internal documents, advising parents – informing about the functioning of the education system in the Czech Republic). The work of the IP will also include interpreting at the first meeting of the volunteer and the person interested in tutoring, assistance in social research in the family and in an informative meeting with parents regarding group tutoring. The greatest demand is mainly for Russian and Vietnamese, but it is also possible to use Spanish, Arabic or provide other languages according to the needs of schools.

Contact: interkulturniprace@inbaze.cz

Storyboards – Tutorials for children and students

Age: 5 – 11 years

Time allowance: 2 x 45 minutes

The educational program includes storytelling in Czech and the original language, information about the country (objects, photo, map, storytelling) and a creative workshop – processing a fairy tale using art techniques typical of the country. For each participating kindergarten and primary school, 3 different programs from these countries (Ukraine, Vietnam, Syria, Russia, Cuba or others) are prepared for preschool children in kindergartens and primary school pupils. A total of 108 educational programs for a total of 2280 children and pupils will be implemented during the project.

Contact: bedynky@inbaze.cz

Multicultural educational programs for pupils II. elementary school degree

Age: 2nd Primary School

Time allowance: 2 – 4 teaching hours

The innovated educational program includes the topic of otherness and stereotypes, or migration and interviews with migrants: talking to a specific person who emigrated to the Czech Republic, his experiences, the situation in the country of origin, integration in a new homeland, the program is implemented in an interactive form. There are 7 educational programs prepared for each participating elementary school, ie a total of 14 educational programs for 252 pupils.

Contact: bedynky@inbaze.cz

School intercultural club at kindergarten, primary school

Age: 5 – 11 years

Time allowance: 1.5 hours

The regular program of clubs at kindergartens and primary schools will focus on games, sports, creative and dramatic work, excursions, etc. and will offer children the opportunity to discover their strengths, improve their Czechs, make new friends, etc. The content of the meeting will be based on needs and interests. children, the proportion of children with OMJ will be at least 20%. At the end of the school year, multicultural events will take place with the aim of introducing cultures, tastings of foreign food with the involvement of parents and children of foreigners. During the summer holidays, there will be a suburban camp for about 15 – 20 children.

Contact: deti@inbaze.cz

Seminars for pedagogical staff

Time allowance: 18 teaching hours
Number of participants: 24 pedagogical staff

The content of the seminar is focused on the development of intercultural communication skills and sensitivity and their use in teaching. The content of the seminars will be these topics (work with pupils and families with OMJ, good practice, integration of pupils into the team and educational process, specifics of teaching Czech for foreigners, critical analysis of media reports, identification of manipulative messages, prejudices and xenophobia in texts and use of these skills in teaching, presentation of support services for PP working with OMJ students (NGOs, social services), the possibility of further consultations). The seminar will be accredited within the DVPP at the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports and pedagogical staff will receive a certificate of completion of the seminar.

Contact: seminare@inbaze.cz

Tutoring with a focus on the development of competencies in the Czech language – from 1 July 2018

Age: 5 – 18 years

When: according to capacity, depends on the agreement with the volunteer coordinator

In cooperation with volunteers, InBáze provides individual and group tutoring focused on practicing the Czech language. Pupils will be supported in the area of conversational development and work with text as part of tutoring. The activity follows on from the same activity financed from the OPIEPR Bridges to Schools project, which ends on 30 June 2018.

Contact: doucovani@inbaze.cz

For the general public

Boxes of stories in the city library

Age: 5 – 11 years

Time allowance: 2 hours

The boxes are focused on “story sharing”. Part of the workshop is reading a fairy tale in Czech and in the original language of the country. The children will then artistically create the fairy tale using art techniques that are typical of the country. There is also a symbolic tasting of a traditional dish. Each workshop is led by 2 lecturers, one from the country.

Contact: bedynky@inbaze.cz


Community multicultural programs from July 1, 2018

Intercultural club for younger children

Age: 5 – 11 years

Time allowance: 1.5 hours

The program of the Intercultural Club is focused on the all-round development of children with an emphasis on improving their knowledge of the Czech language. It includes physical activities, creative workshops, visits to cultural events, etc.

Contact: deti@inbaze.cz

Creative Studio – Blue Group

Age: 5 – 7 years

Time allowance: 1.5 hours

The studio offers regular creative meetings for the development of language and creative skills for children of migrants who do not speak Czech well.

Contact: deti@inbaze.cz

Creative Studio – Red Group

Age: 7 – 11 years

Time allowance: 1.5 hours

The Red Group offers creative meetings for migrant children and their Czech friends, which are focused on the development of creativity and social skills.

Contact: deti@inbaze.cz

ClubIn: Intercultural youth club

Age: 12 – 16 years

Time allowance: 1.5 hours

Young people involved in an intercultural club meet regularly twice a month. Workshops and meetings are focused on meaningful leisure time, practicing the Czech language and developing social competencies. Children are also worked on an individual basis.

Contact: clubin@inbaze.cz


The Bridges to Schools project is funded by the Prague Operational Program: The Growth Pole of the Czech Republic.

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