InBase for children VII – we get to know other regions, traditions and customs

InBase for children VII – we get to know other regions, traditions and customs

The primary target group of the project were children of migrants (foreigners from third countries residing in the Czech Republic) who participate in regular InBáze programs, Czech children, friends and classmates of children.

The number of involved children of migrants and their Czech friends was around 260 children.

Age: 5 to 16 years.

The secondary target group were parents and siblings of migrant children and Czech children from the primary target group, registered InBáze volunteers.

The aim of the project – to develop and support the integration of migrant children aged 5 to 16 in the form of non-formal and informal education, through leisure programs implemented outside Prague in the Czech countryside and in nature – has been fulfilled. Thanks to the project, 142 children and young people were supported and 14 events were organized.

A total of 6 weekend stays were planned in the project:

2 for a total of 38 younger children,

3 for a total of 28 older children.

Instead of the third planned weekend, three one-day events took place in Prague for younger children (the reason was the effort to expand the offer to children who do not normally have the courage and opportunity to participate in a weekend stay) – a total of 24 children participated.


Spring weekend in Serbia – 17.-19.4. in Serbia near Prague.

The whole weekend we were accompanied by the legend of St. George, whose feast is celebrated in April and who is closely connected with the welcome of spring for many nations. On Saturday, the children went for a walk around the Czech Karst. At the end of the weekend, the children made a pilgrimage to St. George, from whom they received a magic stone.

June weekend in Horní Maxov – 5.-7. June 2015

The weekend was thematically focused on St. John, welcoming summer and the forest and fairy tale characters and ghosts. During the weekend, the children visited a local farmer and got acquainted with the animals that are kept on the farm. At the end of the weekend, the children found a golden magic fern that fulfills children’s wishes. Instead of the third planned weekend, three one-day events took place around Prague.

In the footsteps of Lesser Town ghosts (3.10.). The children discovered the house signs in Malá Strana and got acquainted with the ghosts of Malá Strana.

Saturday trip to Chuchelský háj (24.10.). On the trip we visited the Chuchel playground and the forest mini Zoo Legenda – forest animals.

Saturday trip – In the footsteps of old town creatures (November 28). The children went through the labyrinth of the old town streets in groups and got acquainted with the creatures that once lived in the Old Town.

Winter weekend in the Jizera Mountains, 13 – 15 February 2015

The children got acquainted with the landscape of the Jizera Mountains and especially with the glassmaking history around Bedřichov. They had the opportunity to try out the properties of colored glass, learned historical attractions about the surrounding area and participated in a weekend game on the topic of glassmaking, which included not only knowledge, but especially physical activities in nature. The game resulted in the final evening walk through a “mysterious forest” lit by candles and inhabited by magical creatures.

“In the footsteps of the fairy Izerina”

Summer camp in the Jizera Mountains, July 12 – 19, 2015

The children set out in search of the fairy Izerine and her lost treasure. Every day, the children learned one craft or profession that was traditional for the Jizera Mountains. The children tried to be a weaver, potter, glassmaker, gamekeeper, baker and herbalist. At the end of the camp, the children came to the fairy Izerina, told her the spell they had taught them at the camp, and in return received a treasure from the fairy Izerina. At the camp, the children tried a number of interesting activities. From the art activities, the children tried batik t-shirts, painting hats, weaving, working with ceramic clay, etc. In addition, a number of physical and sports activities were prepared for the children.

“Expedition, or we know the world”

Summer camp in the Jizera Mountains, 19th to Sunday 26th July.

Games, competitions, trips and excursions were carried in the spirit of adventure, exploring the unknown and getting to know new traditions and customs. The children inspected the nearby dam, looked into the mini zoo, visited the lookout towers and also met a professional husky racer, who took the children around their base and at the same time a “hostel” for her racing dogs. At the same time, a photography and video workshop was held to teach children how to best record their experiences from the “expedition”. Our visitors and children really enjoyed the presentation. The children also tried to cook traditional dishes of the Jizera Mountains and found out from the locals how people live in such an almost abandoned region.


Celebrating multicultural holidays for children and their parents

Easter in InBáz

Talking about Czech traditions, program for children and adults, creative Easter workshop, joint lunch, walk


The 10th annual multicultural festival RefuFest was held in the spirit of storytelling and sharing.

Santa’s gifts in InBáz

Traditional celebration of Nicholas. The children made a Christmas ornament and decorated the gingerbread. Nicholas, angels and devils came. The older Clubin children helped prepare the surprise – in costumes of devils, angels and St. Nicholas, they gave small gifts to younger children.

Christmas celebration in InBáze

A traditionally organized celebration with jointly prepared refreshments and carol singing.

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