Forming the profession “sociocultural mediator”

Forming the profession “sociocultural mediator”

Name of Project: Forming the profession of “sociocultural mediator” – inspired by the Portuguese model, CZ.1.04/5.1.01/77.00416

Program/provider: OP Human resources and employment, priority axis: International cooperation

Implementer: InBáze, o. s.

Commencement of project implementation: 01. 12. 2012

Project duration: 24 months


Project description:

In December 2012, our organization launched the implementation of a two-year innovative project entitled “Shaping the profession of socio-cultural mediator – inspired by the Portuguese model” within the operational program of the European Social Fund Human Resources and Employment. Its aim is to establish and systematically anchor a newly emerging profession with a new working name, an intercultural worker in the Czech Republic, based on an analysis of domestic and foreign practice. The main foreign partner of the project is ACIDI – Commissioner for Integration and Intercultural Dialogue from Portugal, where the profession of sociocultural mediators has been established since 2004. The results of the analysis will be used to create an accredited training course for intercultural workers Olomouc and pilot training of 18 intercultural workers from the migrant population. In the Czech context, the system anchoring of this profession is still lacking, and therefore we want to bring not only interesting experiences of foreign colleagues, but also open a debate among Czech institutions dealing with migration issues in our country about the social demand for this profession. During the project, the name of the profession changed from a socio-cultural mediator to an intercultural worker, which was mainly due to the legislative concept of mediation in the Czech Republic.

The idea of ​​the project is based on the experience of our team of intercultural workers in the departments of stay of foreigners of the Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic since 2011.

Complete information and outputs of the project can be found at


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