Education, growth and stabilization in the community center InBáze

Education, growth and stabilization in the community center InBáze

Name of Project: Education, growth and stabilization in the community center InBáze,  CZ.2.17/2.1.00/36362

Program/provider: Operational Program Prague – Adaptability, Priority Axis 2: Modernization of Initial Education

Implementer: InBáze, o. s.

Commencement of project implementation: 01. 09. 2013

Project duration: 16 months


Project description:

The main goals of the project Education, stabilization and growth in the community center InBáze o. s. are set up in such a way as to make the most of the existing experience of working with the target group, and that the project helps employees and volunteers InBáze o. s. develop their potential and expand their expertise. At the same time, the project is focused in such a way that a direct sustainability process is set up within it, which would enable the stabilization of the established non-profit organization and maintain the education system even after the end of the project. InBáze o. S. Is an organization specific, among other things, in that a third of its employees are foreigners, whose work passes on a model of positive integration to the centre’s clients. Some educational activities are therefore aimed directly at foreigners who have specific educational needs.


Project activities are set up to enable:

  • to introduce a system of education of community center employees, including employees from among foreigners
  • to organize selected educational programs so as to benefit as effectively as possible selected employees from the ranks of employees in direct work with clients
  • help stabilize an established non-profit organization by training management staff in managerial skills
  • help implement a strategic planning system in the organization
  • help to improve the quality of work with clients by setting up a system of client intervention, which can then be carried out by employees themselves
  • introduce supervision in areas of work where it is not yet very developed and improve its provision
  • employ a fundraiser who will focus on corporate fundraising and who will help find finance to maintain the set education system


The project Support for Migrants in Entering the Labor Market in Prague is financed by the Prague Adaptability Operational Program


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