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InBáze z.s. and Bymisjon Bergen deepened cooperation

“Working with young migrants is very similar in the Czech Republic and Norway”

Spolku InBáze z.s. Thanks to the new project “Exchange of good practice”, financed under the Support of Bilateral Cooperation from the EEA and Norway Funds in the programming period 2014-2021, it was possible to expand and deepen cooperation with the Norwegian partner organization Bymisjon Bergen.

As part of the bilateral cooperation project, which ran from October 2018 to May 2019, two partnership visits took place in Prague and Bergen, and a seminar entitled “Working with Migrants’ Children and Youth – Sharing Good Practice” took place.

The seminar took place on 27 February 2019 in Prague and focused on issues related to the integration of children and young migrants in the Czech Republic and Norway. In addition to three contributions from Czech organizations and one Norwegian, the possibilities of improving the integration of migrant children in both countries were discussed. Representatives of Bymisjon Bergen acquainted the Czech public with the experience of working with young migrants in Bergen and were actively interested in how to work with the same group in the Czech Republic. The seminar was organized as part of the stay of four Bymisjon Bergen employees in Prague, and in addition to the seminar, during the stay, the Norwegian partners got acquainted in detail with the activities of InBáze z.s. and visited other non-profit organizations working with migrants.

In April 2019, a study trip of 7 employees of InBáze z.s. to Bergen, which enabled the employees of InBáze z.s. take part in leisure activities prepared by Bymisjon Bergen for young migrants.

It was also interesting to participate in the celebration of the anniversary of the so-called “V 13”, which is part of Bymisjon Bergen and this celebration was organized at the time of the study visit. During Bergen’s stay, participants learned about the activities of other organizations such as Red Kors and visited work and retraining programs for migrants Kronhagen cafe, Re: tro and the Open Girls Night program. There were also discussions aimed at sharing experiences and discussing the possibilities of preparing a joint future project.

Representatives of both organizations agreed that their work, although taking place in different conditions and especially in a different legal environment, is very similar and it is beneficial to meet and seek common and similar solutions to the same problems that will contribute to solving problems of children and youth from migrants and improve their integration into society in the Czech Republic and Norway.

On this basis, the preparation of a joint project was agreed, which will be submitted to the Active Citizens Fund after the announcement of the call.

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