Bridges – foreigners and Czechs create a common story

Bridges – foreigners and Czechs create a common story

Project title: Bridges – foreigners and Czechs create a common story

Program / provider: FNNO, NROS, Partnership Foundation, EEA Funds / Supported by a grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway under the EEA Funds.,

Implementer: InBáze, z. S.

Start of project implementation: 01.8.2014

Project duration: 21 months


Project description:

The aim of the project “Bridges – Foreigners and Czechs Create a Common Story” is to strengthen the multicultural environment in the Czech Republic, especially in Prague, which is the city with the largest number of foreigners in the Czech Republic. The partial goals are the prevention of the creation and elimination of negative attitudes towards foreigners, the support of the majority society in tolerance and solidarity towards foreigners and the increase of cultural and historical knowledge about the Czech Republic among foreigners.

The project has five main activities:

  1. Crates of stories

The activity will offer 6 free creative workshops for children aged 5 to 11 and families in the children’s department of the Central Library branch in Prague, which will be based on a personal meeting with foreigners – mostly artists living in the Czech Republic and will take place once every 2 months on Saturday from 14.00 -17.00 hours. Together with cooperating foreigners, we will select 6 fairy tales characteristic of their country of origin, which will be read in their native language and in translation within the individual workshops. The goal of each workshop will be the artistic transformation of the selected story with artistic materials and techniques typical of the country. A parallel part of each workshop will be a debate about the country and a symbolic offer of traditional refreshments provided by the social enterprise Ethnocatering InBáze.

  1. Ethnic cuisine cooking classes for families with children

Food preparation and dining together is a completely natural environment where life experiences are shared between people, including foreigners and Czechs, and new friendships and contacts are established. At the same time, food is a fashion hobby that more and more people are pursuing. From the competitive offer, there are only cooking classes for children in luxury hotels.
Once every 2 months on Sunday we organize 1 course of cooking ethnic cuisine for families with children (6 in total) and 2 courses of cooking Czech cuisine. The courses will be conceptually prepared by the Ethnocatering manager from Georgia and led by foreigners from Inbáze clients and employees, so that the course is always led by a mother or father with a child from the country (eg Ukrainian, Mongolian family) and show incoming families how to prepare Sunday lunch at home. . The courses will take place in the granite bar of the New Town Hall. The course is designed as a morning activity from 10.00 am culminating in a joint Sunday lunch. The course will be charged, which will ensure its sustainability in the future. The courses will follow on from Activity 1. Boxes of stories in the Municipal Library.

  1. “Migrant Book Booth”

“Knihobudka” is a project in which discarded non-functional telephone booths come to life with books. This creates alternative public bookcases – freely accessible places in public spaces where people can borrow or exchange books. Bookstores thus create a place that naturally encourages people to meet others, encourages discussion, and is a source of information and entertainment.

In one part of the project (“Migrating Book Booth”) we adopt one telephone booth, in an open workshop we transform it together with clients foreigners and Czechs into a library and then place it in a public space in front of the foreigners’ residence department of the Department of Asylum and Migration Policy of the Ministry of the Interior. its branches. Hundreds of foreigners and Czechs go to these places every day, so its location in the area in front of the building will make the library available to foreigners and the Czech public from the surrounding area.

In the second part of the project (“Multicultural Shelf”), in cooperation with the organizers of the “Knihobudka” project, we will expand part of the existing libraries (7 in total) by a separate one shelf, where there will be literature in foreign languages. In each of these libraries, a place will be created for the placement of literature written in Czech and in foreign languages, and even here foreigners will be able to find books in their native languages. At the same time, within this multicultural shelf, leaflets with information for foreigners in various language versions will be placed, informing about the activities of the Inbáze event. other migrant organizations.

  1. InBáze Studio

The core of the activity is the provision of a creative and information stand of Atelier InBáze in connection with the ongoing activities of Atelier. At community events for the Czech public, organized by other organizations, a tent will be set up with a multicultural creative workshop for children aged 4 to 11, using the theme of the event for artistic activities and the InBáze information panel together with information materials. For example, within the Karlín Carnival, the main purpose of the stand will be to create a mask in order to draw attention to the otherness of its concept in different cultures. The stand will offer artistic activities controlled by InBáze clients from among foreigners. Naturally, Czechs will come into contact with foreigners. Selected community events are attended by hundreds of people who, through the stand of Atelier InBáze, get to know the activities of the organization, look at the topic from the perspective of multiculturalism and gain new experiences with foreigners living in the Czech Republic. In the concept of the Stand, we use the knowledge and experience gained while working in the Atelier, from the realization of the creative children’s tent of the multicultural festival RefuFest in Prague and Rakovice.

  1. Exchange of experience with the intercultural department of the City Library in Reykjavik.

As part of the cooperation between InBáze, the Municipal Library of Prague (MKP) and the Municipal Library in Reykjavik (RML), an exchange of experiences will take place in two ways:

1. Visit of the InBáze and MKP team at RCL in Iceland and 2. Visit of the RML team at the InBáze and MKP community center in Prague.

1. Visit of the InBáze and MKP team in RML in Iceland, length of stay 7 days
•  participation in multicultural activities in RCL – joint reading of Icelandic newspapers, women’s group, etc.
•  individual acquaintance with the concept of a multicultural library – discussion with the project manager
•  interviews with participants in multicultural events
•  introduction to the Mother Tongue Association of Bilingualism • presentation of “Czech Boxes” – a fairy tale presented in both languages ​​(Czech and Icelandic), its artistic reflection, which uses materials typical of the country – in this case glass – the target group of families with children about 5-11 years; discussion with participants


In the framework of the project Bridges – foreigners and Czechs create a common story.

Supported by a grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway under the EEA Funds.

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