2020 / OP Employment

2020 / OP Employment

Project title: Operational Program Employment
Call for support for social inclusion in Prague

The aim of the project is to provide professional, stable and comprehensive support to foreigners and their families living in the City of Prague and to strengthen their involvement in the integration process. The project activities are focused on both individual case and group work with the target group. It thus forms a comprehensive tool that responds to current conceptual strategies for the integration of foreigners, not only within the Czech Republic but also at the local level. The project also expands and innovates the portfolio of InBáze services, which will be further developed.

The project will therefore support selected services of InBáze, z.s. and create capacity for the emergence of new services. These are the key activities:

  • Field intercultural work and Field social work
  • Legal advice
  • Adaptive integration courses
  • Czech language courses
  • Community activities for children youth with OMJ, their parents and friend / Extracurricular programs for children, youth and parents

Project leader: Eva Vojtová / head of the social and legal department / vojtova@inbaze.cz.

From 6.2.2020, low-threshold legal counseling will also start at Krumlovská 527/4, Prague 4, every Thursday from 8:00 to 16:00 (with a break for lunch) within the OPZ project (ie clients with a residence permit over 90 days) – 30 min. on the client.

Legal advice

Individual consultations on issues:

  • residence in the Czech Republic
  • family, labor, civil, administrative and social law
  • mediation of follow-up (paid) services of a lawyer
  • if necessary, we will help you with the processing of legal submissions (especially extension of the deadline, inactivity of the administrative body, appeals, lawsuits, criminal reports, etc.)


Office of the Social and Legal Department

Krumlovská 527/4, Prague 4 (entrance from Sedlčanská street)


Thu 8:00 – 12:00, 13:00 -16: 00 (without order, foreigners with a stay of more than 90 days) 30 min per client (Czech, English, German, Hungarian) – RJ only to order!

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