2018 – MŠMT – We get to know a new home

2018 – MŠMT – We get to know a new home

Výsledek obrázku pro ministerstvo školství

Project title: Getting to know a new home

Project duration: 1 January – 31 December 2018

The main goal of the project is to support the integration and overall development of children and foreign pupils residing in the capital city of Prague who participate in InBáze programs.


  • to improve and strengthen language and communication skills in the Czech language for children (as a necessary condition for further education and personal development);
  • increase orientation in society and strengthen the self-sufficiency of the individual;
  • learning about the reality of Czech life and thus improving orientation in the Czech environment, customs and way of life;
  • support and development of pedagogical staff in working with children with OMJ;
  • promoting understanding of other cultures and contributing to building mutual tolerance.


Activity 1: Activities for younger children (5-11 years)

1.a: Intercultural club for younger children 5-11 years

1.b: One-off events, including celebrations of multicultural holidays

1.c: Weekend stays

1.d: Suburban camp


Activity 2: Activities for older children (11-18 years)

2.a: Intercultural club for older children 11-16 years

2.b: Sightseeing trips for older children 11-18 years

2.c: Weekend stays

2.d: Suburban camp


Activity 3: Group Czech language courses

Activity 4: Crates of stories

Activity 5: Seminars for teachers

Activity 6: Coordination

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