Prague, 19 November 2018

Opinion of InBáze, z.s. to the article: “Outrageous provocation in Prague 3: Elementary school launched…” published on www.aeronet.cz

Article “Outrageous provocation in Prague 3: Elementary school launched in cooperation…” (https://aeronet.cz/news/nehorazna-provokace-na-praze-3-zakladni-skola-spustila-ve-spolupraci-s-neziskovkou-interkulturni-krouzek-pro-deti-migrantu-hlasa-plakat-na-dverich-skoly-a-rodice-jsou-v-naprostem-soku/) it contains a lot of false information or outright lies, and the author did not even try to prove his statement and conclusions or find out the real situation.

Therefore, our organization decided to issue an opinion on it and at the same time invite the author of the article to download it.

  1. InBáze, z.s. does not cooperate with the Jaroslav Seifert Elementary School in Prague 3, the school only allowed us to post our leaflet on its premises.
  2. Advertised leisure extracurricular activities take place in our premises, not at school, and participation in them is voluntary, ie parents are not forced into anything.
  3. InBáze, z.s. of course, it also has a club for older children, for which we have a separate leaflet.
  4. As follows from our mission, our leisure extracurricular activities for children and youth of migrants and their Czech friends try to help them integrate into Czech society, we certainly do not discuss with them the topic of migration or anything like that, participation is voluntary and without parental consent. of course, it also doesn’t work.
  5. Who supports our organization can be easily found from our annual reports. Most of the names and organizations listed in the article are not.
  6. The term migrant means a person who relocates (migrates) from his homeland to another country, whether for work, business or is persecuted in his original homeland for political, religious or similar reasons. According to the CZSO, there are currently around 544,000 migrants in the Czech Republic, the 12 persons mentioned are persons relocated to the Czech Republic in 2015-2017, ie they are persons granted international protection, ie refugees. There are currently less than 4,000 people in the Czech Republic alone with granted international protection.


The author of the article could, if he wanted to, simply verify all the above facts by asking our organization or the management of the school in question.

He would also find out most of the things from our website (www.inbaze.cz) or the school’s website.


Alexandr Zpěvák

InBáze, z.s.


Statement for download in pdf (with stamp and signature)

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