Dear clients,

with regard to the measures of the Government of the Czech Republic, we have decided for the following changes within the consulting services of InBáze, z. s. Consulting services (consultations) we continue to provide in full, but now they are provided only by distance form (e-mail, telephone, Skype). Personal consultations are not possible until further notice, the offices are closed.

Low-threshold social and legal counseling is CANCELED on Tuesday! However, it is possible to contact employees by phone or e-mail at the times listed below.

Consultations with lawyers, social workers, psychologists and intercultural workers, including interpretation, will continue to take place by appointment or on the basis of a personal agreement with a specific worker. Especially for legal advice, it is still necessary to order through the reception even for telephone consultations and telephone numbers, especially for legal advice, use at the time of the agreed consultation. Lawyers will not have the capacity to call back on missed calls.

Reception InBáze, z. s.
+420 739 037 353

If you have already booked a consultation, our staff will contact you in the near future and agree with you on the details. They will always contact you in the week when you have ordered a consultation, even with regard to the fact that we are not able to predict the development of the situation.

Escorts will be canceled, moved or replaced by telephone assistance. Even with regard to changes in opening hours and the functioning of individual offices, some changes will be necessary. Wait again, the staff will contact you by phone or e-mail and agree with you on the next steps.

Please follow our website and Facebook, where there will always be the most up-to-date information, do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.

Thank you for your understanding and we wish you all a lot of strength in this challenging period.

Your InBáze



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Iзменения в рамках консультационных услуг InВáze

Servicios de asesoría (consultas) de InBáze

Changes within the counselling services of InBáze


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