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Media responses to InBase


Article in magazine Social work 3/2019

Download in pdf HERE (we share with the permission of the editors of the magazine Práce práce).


An article in a diary Social Business Law Ethnocatering / of 15. 3. 2019.

Download in pdf HERE.


Czech Television / Akcent na migraci festival on November 3 in Arša / A report from the festival, where she also participated in InBáze with a children’s theater performance and provided catering through her social enterprise Ethnocatering.

You can watch the reports in the following news: News in 12 (from 8:11 minutes), News at 14 (from 5:30 minutes), Messages in 13 (from 13:05 minutes), News in 16 (from 9:50 minutes).


Czech Radio Region / Show We and They / Report from the course Express yourself with dance, which takes place within the community center InBáze in the studio Itaka.

You can listen to the report HERE.


TV list / Interview on the topic of labor migration to the Czech Republic / Interview with the head of the social and legal department Matěj Bejček.

You can watch the interview HERE.


Voces de Praga / Report on InBase activities for Spanish speakers. Interview with Isabel Torres, an intercultural worker at InBáze.

You can watch the report HERE.


Radio Svoboda and a report from the weekend workshop / Weaving for pleasure.

You can listen to the report HERE.


Radio Czech Radio Dvojka / Interview with our colleague Věrou Roubalovou Kostlánovou

You can listen to the conversation HERE, or you can find its complete transcript HERE.


Radio Prague  / Interview about intercultural work with the coordinator of intercultural workers InBáze Mónicou Márquez and coordinator of tutoring and volunteers Janou Vlastníkovou.

The interview is in Spanish and you can listen to it HERE.


SIMI server Wrinkle-free / History of multicultural women’s groups CIRCLES / talking Věry Roubalové a Martiny Hrdličkové about women’s groups.

The articles were published online HERE (narration Věry Roubalové) and continued HERE (narration Martiny Hrdličkové).


Romeo server / They talk about intercultural education Jana Remenárová and Bára Hanzalová, who work in InBáza as a coordinator of seminars for pedagogical staff.

You can read the whole interview HERE.


Art magazine to donate / Interview “Don’t calculate if it pays off” with our colleague – head of psychosocial counseling TEP – Věrou Roubalovou.

The entire Art of Donation magazine can be downloaded in pdf HERE (The interview is on the last page – 9 questions).


Radio Wave / Interview “Refugees are not victims, let’s take them as partners” with our colleague – head of psychosocial counseling TEP – Věrou Roubalovou.

A transcript of most of the interview and the entire transcript of the interview can be found HERE.


Word / Bulletin for foreigners about foreigners / Article “About inbound therapy”

It was published in the printed magazine Slovo and was also published online on Britské listy HERE.


Respekt Magazine / Interview “They ask me what’s going on here” with our colleague – the head of psychosocial counseling TEP – Věrou Roubalovou.

The interview was published in the printed issue of Respekt 50/2016, unfortunately it is in the online version locked.


TOP – interpreting – translation – summer 2015 

Article and photos from the ceremonial announcement of the Dictionary of the Year award at the Book World 2015 trade fair / on the title page of colleague Jana Magdalena Vlastníková.


An article about intercultural workers –

Branch of the Department of Residence of Foreigners of the Ministry of the Interior on Koněvova Street
in Prague is changing before our eyesinterview Word 21

Advantages of an employee card for foreigners as a residence and work permitinterview with intercultural staff of InBáze, Czech Radio Plus – show Focused on Foreigners

Presentation of InBáze, o.s. and the project Bridges – Foreigners and Czechs create a common storyinterview radio Applaus

Syrian: That I would settle permanently in Prague? It didn’t even occur to me during my studiesinterview, related to the project Bridges – Foreigners and Czechs create a common story, Prague Daily


Lucie Machová and Miloš Samek talked about programs for younger children and older children on the Radio Junior – interview radio Junior

Intercultural mediation in the Czech environment – interview Czech Radio Plus

We and they – interview Czech Radio Regina

Community interpreter: Job, after which there is a search – interview Czech Radio, Radio Wave 


RefuFest on the farm Czech Television report, Babylon show

RefuFest in Prague – reportage by Zdeněk Chaloupka


RefuFest in Prague – reportage ČT24

RefuFest in Prague – reportage by Zdeněk Chaloupka