Job and career counseling

Job and career counseling




Until December 2018 InBáze, z.s. offers migrant women the opportunity to take part in a new project that will increase their chances of finding a job, strengthen their self-confidence and deepen the necessary knowledge and skills.

Who is the project for?

  • migrant women of all residence statuses
  • the project is especially suitable for unemployed women, women on maternity leave, single women and women over 55 years of age

What we offer

  • job and career counseling
  • legal advice
  • mentoring provided by professionally successful migrants
  • professional Czech courses with a focus on the labor market
  • training courses (eg interview preparation course, employment law course, financial literacy, etc.)
  • retraining courses
  • paid internships
  • psychological support

Condition for participation in the project

  • knowledge of Czech at the communication level
  • motivation to look for a job and learn new skills
  • active participation in consultations and training courses

Name of the program: Operational Program Employment

Project number: CZ.03.1.51 / 0.0 / 0.0 / 16_062 / 0003388

Start date: 1.1.2017
End date: 31.12.2018

Project Manager: Markéta Novotná /

The aim of the project is to remove or reduce the obstacles that migrant women face in the process of work integration. We want to achieve our goals through a comprehensive program (counseling, motivation, education), thanks to which migrant women will have easier entry or better keep their place in the primary labor market.

KA 1 Realization of entrance interviews

KA 2 Professional / career and job counseling

KA 3 Implementation of courses to increase work competencies

KA 4 Implementation of professional and retraining courses

KA 5 Mentoring

KA 6 Diagnostics and psychological counseling

KA 7 Internships

KA 8 Job placement: information, counseling and support

KA 9 Project leadership and management


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